Harriet for State House
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About Harriet Drummond

Effective and Ethical Leadership

Harriet Drummond serving West AnchorageHarriet Drummond has served as West Anchorage Assembly Representative since 2008, serving as Assembly Chair and Vice Chair, Chair of the Anchorage School District committee, and as a member of the Title 21 Land Use, Municipal Audit, Elections/Ethics and Community and Economic Development committees.

She was also liaison to the Anchorage Cultural Council and alternate liaison to the National League of Cities and the Alaska Municipal League. Harriet is the current President of the Romig Park Improvement Board.

Harriet's experience in Anchorage local government spans many years, from community councils to the presidency of the Anchorage School Board. Throughout her service, she has been known for unquestioned ethical standards and hard work.

Anchorage School Board Harriet was elected three times to represent the entire Municipality on the School Board, serving from 1994 to 2003. Her time on the board began after a troubled period when members were recalled by voters and it fell to Harriet and her colleagues to rebuild the community's confidence in School District leadership. The years that followed were notable for rising test scores and increasing public support of the schools, with voters approving bonds that built and restored schools all over the district. In our district, new schools included Kincaid and Lake Hood Elementary Schools and Dimond High School as well as numerous renewals and renovations. The board also hired Superintendent Carol Comeau during these years and improved its relations with the Municipality.
Harriet's colleagues elected her President of the School Board, a position she held from 1998 to 1999. She also applied her financial and managerial skills to chair the board's Audit Committee, overseeing an annual budget of more than $360 million.
Community Council Leadership
Harriet held many positions in the North Star Community Council,, including chair, bringing together her neighbors in the important but thankless work of reviewing road projects, demanding adequate police protection, and communicating with elected leaders on the Assembly and in the Legislature about neighborhood concerns. After representing North Star in the delegate council, she rose to chair of the Federation of Community Councils, a group of representatives from all of the city's councils that works on areawide issues and provides office support for the individual councils.
Knowledgeable Long-time Resident
Harriet has lived in our district almost continuously since 1976 and owns a successful small business here. She is well-educated, with a degree from Cornell University. In 2007 she completed a graduate level course at UAA titled "Building Community: Neighborhood Planning, Policy & Implementation." That's an example of how seriously she takes her work for Anchorage. Harriet recognizes that public service is a challenging job and that it takes more than good intentions to be successful.

Harriet Drummond on the Issues

Harriet's priorities are like those of all of us in the district. She believes in listening and using her skills and experience as a leader to make government work for neighborhoods.

Public Safety
The violent crime problem in Anchorage is unacceptable. Disturbing gang incidents affect everyone by taking away our sense of security in our own neighborhoods. Harriet supports adding officers to the Anchorage Police Department to bring our force in line with other communities, or better. She will support tough prosecution to back up the officers on the streets. Harriet believes every crime matters and should get prompt and vigorous response. As a community, feeling safe in our streets and homes is the absolute least we should expect from our local government.
Community Input in Road Decisions Traffic on some Westside streets is unreasonable, and we must invest in improving our roads and public transportation to support our economy and to stop wasting so much time in the car. But every project must first meet the demands of local neighbors to make sure it really will improve and not diminish our quality of life. In the House, Harriet will make sure community concerns are heard and incorporated in the design and construction of new roads.
Property Taxes
Owning a house in Anchorage is getting too expensive. As a homeowner and small business owner, Harriet understands that property taxes are government confiscation of our money. Every dollar we collect must be for a service we want and need. In addition, there's a limit to how much we can afford to pay. Harriet will pinch pennies to keep taxes in line, and look for ways to broaden the tax base so homeowners' share of costs is controlled.
Good Schools and Safe Neighborhoods for Kids
As a former School Board President, Harriet understands the importance of excellent schools, and her record shows she knows what it takes to make them happen. On the Assembly, she supported School Board actions to continue improve our schools, making sure kids have safe neighborhoods in which to live and play when they are out of class. We need safe, well-maintained parks, we need patrol cars in our neighborhood streets, and we need local government to respond quickly and effectively to resident concerns.
Strong Local Business Community
As a small business owner supporting herself in the media and advertising industry, Harriet understands the challenge of finding clients, satisfying their needs, and paying the bills to keep operating. She has made it work for many years. Business owners don't need aggravation from the city, such as ill-planned road construction projects, and they can benefit from a state government that thinks in business terms. Harriet supports the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation and will take the policy actions to continue our city's two decades of steady economic growth.

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