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I am running for re-election to the Alaska State House to continue to represent my neighbors and all Alaskans. I’ve been working hard with my amazing multi-partisan House Majority colleagues from around the state to help keep our schools funded and open, to assure our safety and health, and to protect our nest egg, the Alaska Permanent Fund. There is a lot of work yet to do and I can't do it without your support.

Alaska state law prohibits campaign fundraising by incumbent legislators during legislative sessions. In accordance with this, our campaign is disabling donations for the duration of the regular 2022 legislative session, starting at 11:59 p.m. Monday January 17, 2022. We will reactivate donations once both legislative chambers adjourn sine die. Any checks received by mail after January 17, 2022 will be returned to sender.

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Alaska law requires that we keep track of a donor’s name, address, occupation, employer name, and employer’s city, so please include this information with your check.

Harriet Drummond for State House
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